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Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasemin KAHYA


Assist. Prof. Dr.  Yasemin Kahya has Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Midde East Technical University (METU), and Master of Science and PhD degree in Clinical Psychology from Hacettepe University. In graduate school, she was trained and supervised in Relational Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Schema Therapy for adults. She has the Basic Level Schema Therapist Certificate, and continues supervision for the Advanced Level Schema Therapist Certificate. She further has theoretical training and supervision in non-directive play therapy for children. She still continues her practice in psychotherapy. International Doctoral Research Fellowship Program (TÜBİTAK 2214-A) awarded her for a one-year lab visit to work with Beatrice Beebe, PhD in mother-infant interaction research area at Communication Sciences Lab, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University Medical Center at New York City, USA. During this period, she also visited the Center for Attachment Research at the New School for Social Research, and participated in research and training opportunities at this center. She completed formal workshop on Strange Situation Paradigm that measures mother-infant attachment organization in Minnesota, USA and will complete her coding reliability. She also has training on Reflective Functioning on Parent Development Interview at Yale University, New Haven, USA and is a reliable coder of Reflective Functioning (Mentalization), a construct that explains in intergenerational transmission of attachment. She conducts different research in her interest areas. She was a research assistant at METU International Students Office and Hacettepe University Psychology department, and now has her research assistant position at Social Sciences University for Ankara.

Research Interests

Mother-Infant Interaction, Attachment, Parental Reflective Functioning, Self-Development, Interpersonal Relations, Developmental Traumas, and Personality Psychopathology

Courses Taught