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The Department of Psychology, Ankara University of Social Sciences, offers an educational content that meets the accreditation criteria with its strong staff.

Psychology serves to understand and explain the processes of perception, cognition, emotion, attitude, behaviour and mental health and aims to transfer it to the field of application by producing scientific knowledge.

Given the multi-faceted nature of the human mind, psychology is composed of various sub-areas. Experimental psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and clinical (applied) psychology are just a few of those subfields. Since psychology includes many components of human nature, an interdisciplinary approach needs to be taken. In this respect, the basic vision of our department is to create an appropriate research environment that will allow interdisciplinary work and to provide an inclusive curriculum for students who wish to specialize in various sub-fields of psychology. We adopt dynamic and innovative teaching methods which use a student-centred approach to develop our curriculum and research infrastructure.

We are in the process of building a research laboratory representing various sub-fields of psychology that will support development of students. In addition to a comprehensive undergraduate programme, our department aims to offer postgraduate programmes allowing students to specialize in various subfields of psychology. The ultimate goals of our department for graduates are mainly as follows: to gain knowledge in a rich learning framework, to develop advanced research skills and experience in professional practice, to take an ethical approach, to transfer acquired conceptual and practice-based skills to various fields of study and to be equipped for postgraduate education.

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